The Apartment Series // 1 of 4

Hi Friends!

Some of you may know that I LOVE interior design.  I follow many – a – design blog and decorating my own home is really fun for me.  So, I plan to do a four part series where I show you the four different apartments that I have lived in, including the one I currently reside in!  This is part 1.

When I graduated from college, I couldn’t wait to have my own apartment to decorate.  I moved to Blairstown, NJ  to work as a teacher at a boarding school.  At many boarding schools, teachers often live in apartments that are attached to dormitories.  However, this particular year they didn’t have space, so they gave me an apartment on campus and assigned me a roommate.  I was by no means pleased with this, especially after sharing space with college kids for 4 years.  But, little did I know that my roommate would become one of my best friends! (love you Ame!!!) We shared a 4 bedroom (!), 2 bathroom apartment on the floor above the infirmary.

It was a really great space with lots of character.  Wood floors, built ins, large living space, etc.  Because this apartment was a temporary situation, we didn’t go too crazy with decorating it, because we both moved into (much smaller) apartments the following year.  Below are some photos of some of the shared spaces and my own personal space in the apartment.  The apartment came painted the colors shown in the pictures below, except for the bedroom.  I painted it green.  The photos were taken with a super old point and shoot camera.  I did my best to edit them, but the quality and lighting is not the best (read: terrible).

The Bathrrom




The Guest Bedroom / Office




My Bedroom




The Kitchen



The Living RoomDSCN1364