life, lately.

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Life has been really good lately.  My grad school semester ended in the middle of May and although I have loved being a student this year, working full-time AND being a full-time grad student (plus doing an internship!) has been totally exhausting.  I finished my teaching job last Friday and I feel like a  new person!  No papers to write, no papers to grade, no e-mails to respond to, no assigned reading.  Sweet, sweet freedom.

My mom and brother came to Philadelphia for a few days and we did lots of fun things!  Phillies game, shopping at Kind of Prussia for the wedding, we went to the beach for the day, relaxed, ate good food, all the good things.

They left on Tuesday and now it’s just Lucy and me at home during the days.  As evidence by the photo above, Lucy is a fan of summer.  In fact, she won’t get out of bed until I entice her with food or she hears the leash jingle to go outside.  Yesterday, she didn’t get out of bed until 11 (!) until I bribed her with breakfast.  Lazy dog!

May you enjoy the good life as much as Lucy does.

p.s. I opened up an etsy shop!  Let’s be honest, did you really think I could have NOTHING to do this summer to keep me busy?!

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