the winter blues.


I’m feeling the winter blues. big time.

Every year around this time I start C R A V I N G sunshine, warm breezes coming through the window, being outside with my toes in the grass, eating al fresco, the list goes on. I begin to obsessively scour the internet for affordable beach getaways. I look through old pictures of warm places visited. I walk outside and resent the cold. I do everything I can to avoid having to bundle up and go outside.

I don’t know how healthy this all is, yearning for warmth and not living in the moment, trying to enjoy winter and the potential coziness that some people love about this season. I used to think that I would be bored without seasons. But, the older I get, the less I care about the seasons. Would I miss the colors of fall, the first snow and the hope of snow days? Sure. But, I don’t think I would mind summer all year long. Who knows. Maybe I would miss the winter months and the fall leaves. The only way to really know would be to try something different.

Here’s to dreaming about new adventures.

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