Puerto Rico // Where we ate

Plantains, rice and beans, arroz con pollo, flan.  We ate it.  We loved it.

Latin food makes me weak in the knees.

Some of the food highlights in Old San Juan were Dragonfly (asian-latin fusion) and Verde Mesa (local, fresh ingredients).  Both were fancier than some of the other places we went to, but well worth it.  We went to Mi Casita in Isla Verde for lunch one day and it was the best mofongo we ate all week.  It was bustling with a mix of tourists and locals out for a midday lunch break and everything else looked great, too.  It’s not fancy, but one of the most memorable eating experiences, for sure!

On our way to Fajardo to kayak in the bioluminescent bay (we used Eco Adventures tour company-highly recommend), we stopped at Costamia.  The food was pretty good, but the views of seven seas beach were incredible from the little patio.


We split a mofongo and an arepa (below) and were satisfied.  The service was great until the waitress wrote in her own tip, which is not customary in Puerto Rico.  Thankfully she signed it with a smiley face and a big “THANKS!” so we obliged.


Hands down the highlight of our eating experience was Bilí in Vieques.  This cute place was recommended to us by a woman who happened to be in our taxi (they share taxis in Vieques) who had lived on the island for 7 years and she suggested we try it out.  The seafood was fresh, the view was pretty incredible and the service was OK.  They were pretty busy with only two waiters working the whole restaurant. If you find yourself in Vieques, you must go!




When Dan and I eat out together, we always choose two dishes we both like and then split them.  It’s the best of both worlds!  At Bilí, we shared the conch sandwich:



…and the ahi tuna wrap.  Both were great, but the tuna was amazing.  Each dish came with a salad and a black bean dip which was also super tasty.




Vacation looks good on you.


Aaaaaand we may have enjoyed a few of these while we were away, too 🙂


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