Adventure Awaits!

In a very short amount of time Dan and I will be jetting off to Puerto Rico.  I can hardly contain my excitement.  Like, I want to jump out of my seat just thinking about it.  I always get this feeling right before I leave for a trip … excitement that brings me back to my childhood.  I get butterflies, I have perma-grin, I go into “go” mode, as Dan calls it – I can’t stop buzzing around the house trying to get things done…packing, shopping, picking out outfits, reading our travel book, googling our hotel, the list goes on.

I have been to Puerto Rico twice before, once with a couple of friends from college and last year with some students.  Below are some pictures from my first time to the island this weekend to help me get EVEN MORE excited!  My first trip was purely for beach relaxation and my second was with 25 middle school kids.  Both were wonderful experiences but I am insanely excited to travel, explore, and be adventurous.  And I’m the most excited to share that part of me with Dan.  Travel is part of who I am.  It’s taught me about life, the world, helped me shape my morals and pushed me out of my comfort zone.  I crave to see new places in the world and to really get to know a place.  I’m also excited, of course, to get in some serious beach time with my second book for the month of March, the Divergent series and hopefully one more (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is on my list).  Last but not least, I can’t wait to speak Spanish.  It’s a beautiful language and learning new words and phrases gets me all excited!!!  I’m a nerd like that.

Here’s a sneak peek at my last trip to Puerto Rico.  All are unedited and were taken with my iPhone.  Forgot my camera charger last time…oops!














2 thoughts on “Adventure Awaits!

  1. karissabarbados says:

    Your photos are so stunning! I think we have the same taste in photography. Buildings and anything with blue skies and oceans!

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