Christmas tree picking

Happy weekend, friends!

Yesterday was the first day of winter vacation and I have been thoroughly enjoying every minute so far!  Yesterday, I ran to Target at the end of the school day to pick up some last-minute Christmas items and treated myself to a bag of peanut butter m + ms.  Then, I continued the celebration with a Chipotle lunch (man, those burrito bowls are big!).  When I got home, I promptly put my pjs on and took a nap with Lucy…too much Chipotle will do that.  When we woke up, we went to the dog park.  Usually, Lucy is pretty antisocial when it comes to playing with other dogs at the park (she prefers humans because she thinks she is one), but yesterday she made friends with another yellow lab, Winston.  Progress!

Anywho. Back to the original post!

A few weeks ago Dan and I went to visit his sister and to cut down our very first Christmas tree together!  We brought Lucy, planning to take some photos for our Christmas card and to get her out of the city for a bit.  I did a bit of research and made some phone calls beforehand to be sure we could have her on the farm.  We ended up at Beck’s and it was a good choice.  Not only was the weather spectacular, the views were incredible, they had an enormous amount of beautiful trees to choose from, and not to mention, they took good care of their customers, helping to package and load trees on to cars and Santa handed out candy canes to the little ones and dog treats to the furry ones.

Before we left we took measurements to make sure we didn’t get a tree that was too big.  We don’t have a ton of space to work with in our cozy apartment.  We decided on a Fraser fir when we got there for the shape and traditional Christmas scent.  We walked around for a while and finally decided on the perfect tree.  It was the right size and the most perfectly shaped tree I had ever seen!

I will spare you the details, but in the process of cutting down our perfect little tree, Lucy got excited, pulled Dan’s sister to the ground and we ended up in the ER for the remainder of the afternoon.  Lucy is so unaware of how big and powerful she is!  We ended up getting our tree before leaving and Dan’s sister was such a good sport about the whole situation.  I don’t know if I would have been as calm and understanding as she was.  So sorry, M!

DSCN1513 DSCN1526

DSCN1537 DSCN1540




Below is the finished product.  Felt garland is apparently a hot item this year.  I tried to order it at West Elm, but they were sold out, as was Paper Source.  I bought a small strand of garland from Crate + Barrel which was made in Mexico at a women’s co-op out of dyed straw as a back up.  I was still set on finding felt garland, and stumbled upon it at Anthropologie in Rittenhouse Square.  I even tried to DIY it, but I couldn’t find felt balls anywhere.  So, I settled for the pre-made stuff.  And, I think it looks pretty darn cute with the Crate + Barrel strand and the rest of our ornaments.  The skirt is just a  piece of red sparkle burlap I found at Michael’s wrapped around the base of the tree.  Maybe next year I’ll plan ahead and make my own felt garland.





 In the meantime though, I did DIY some sparkle garland, which I absolutely LOVE.  I found a tutorial online tutorial at Dear Friend Blog.  The only difference was that I glittered both sides of the card stock and made smaller circles.  Pretty, no?

Despite the chaos, cutting down our own Christmas tree was lots of fun and I was glad to be able to share the day with Dan and his sister.  I think it will be an annual tradition for us.  I think we’ll even invite Lucy next year, but make sure to keep her on a short leash–HA.  Merry Christmas!