It’s what the blog is named, after all!


I know everyone thinks that their dog is the cutest. But really, she is the cutest dog I have ever known. I mean, check out these photos!


lucy couch

lucy hug

lucy kiss

lucy lazy

lucy shower

lucy tgiving

I knew that I wanted a dog of my own before I even lived on my own.  I always had dogs growing up and so the minute I graduated from St. Lawrence, I was itching to get a puppy.  My first job didn’t allow me to have one until I was there for more than a year.  So, in the spring, I started to do some research; I bought the local newspaper and it just so happened there was an ad in the classifieds for yellow lab puppies ready to be taken home on June 1st.  I called and sent in my deposit to reserve a female yellow lab puppy the same day.  Waiting to meet Lucy was the longest two months of my life!  I couldn’t wait to pick out my new puppy and start loving her!

My friend and roommate at the time, Amy, and I went to pick her up.  When I arrived, the woman at the house told me there were only two females, and I was second in line, so she handed me the dog and off we went!  I had picked out her name before and after meeting her, I knew it fit her.  The whole ride home she snorted like a piglet.  I should have known she was going to grow up to love food!



Lucy at 6 weeks old

Lucy was never a difficult puppy, except for the time she chewed my airbag wires in my brand new car, costing me $700 to replace.  Oh yeah, and the new carpet I bought for my living room that she chewed a hole in just days after it was bought.  Now, the worst behavior she has is getting into the trash.  Check out that guilty face.

Lucy lived with me for three years while I worked at boarding school and when I decided to take a new job in Philadelphia, I had to leave her with my parents for the year because the apartment I was living in didn’t allow dogs and I couldn’t afford to live on my own.  Every single day of that year was hard–I missed her like crazy.  The hardest part was going home for vacations and seeing her sad face every time I left.  She still has a look of fear when I leave the house, which makes me so guilty!  Thankfully, my parents were perfect doggy-surrogates and she had a happy life there.  But oh man was I excited when Dan and I officially put a deposit on an apartment in the city that allowed dogs.  I was not only over the moon that I was going to be moving in with Dan, but that Lucy was going to be mine again.  My only worry was that Dan and Lucy wouldn’t get along.  Little did I know that they would be fast friends and Dan would be Lucy’s new favorite human.  They are inseparable!

Need I say more?

Study Buddies

this is pretty typical...



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